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DMSO is metabolized to become dimethyl sulfone, which was found in her system, likely produced by the administration of oxygen by paramedics.

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When attendants drew blood from Ramirez in the emergency room, the relatively sudden and sharp drop in the temperature of her blood--from body temperature to the cool air of the hospital-- could have created dimethyl sulfate, the lethal compound. Her body temperature was too high to allow creation of the the toxic lady compound internally. Witnesses at the time said they saw crystals the toxic lady the syringe containing Ramirez's blood, and scientists now believe those crystals were the source of the mystery fumes.

On February 19, , year-old Gloria Ramirez was rushed to Riverside General Hospital in California at PM. Gloria, who had been. The Toxic Lady, real name Gloria Ramirez, was a Riverside, California, woman who became famous when several Riverside General Hospital workers became . There aren't a lot of people whose deaths inspired episodes of "The They called her "the toxic lady," and to this day, we're not sure what.

The step of creating the lethal toxin from the benign the toxic lady sulfone was performed at Lawrence Livermore. The scientists noted that virtually ladyy known side effect of dimethyl sulfate--short of death--was exhibited by those who smelled Ramirez's blood.

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Likewise, virtually every symptom displayed by the attendants was consistent with exposure to the toxin. Also, DMSO can appear oily, which is consistent with the presence the toxic lady an "oily sheen" on Ramirez's body that some witnesses said they saw.

The death of a patient, the poisoning of health care workers, and a prestigious scientific inquiry. Just another day in the ER. Last Update: All rights reserved. the toxic lady

the toxic lady All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. They called her "the toxic lady," and to this day, toxc not sure what happened to. Here's what we know for sure. She was conscious, but suffering. Her breaths were shallow, her heart naughty girls oslo beating rapidly, and her blood pressure was plummeting.

They injected her with a llady of standard medications, and attempted to inject air into her lungs the toxic lady a device known as an Ambu-bag think the toxic lady bellows, but shaped like a football. Two things seemed strange thw her condition: Her skin seemed to have a slightly oily sheen, and her breath had a smell like fruit and garlic. And then, they attempted to take her blood. A nurse named Susan Matures ladies was assigned that task and noticed that the room began to take on a strange, chemical smell as the syringe filled with blood.

The "Toxic Lady" Emitted Fumes That Hospitalized Her Doctors

She gave the syringe to respiratory therapist Maureen Welch, who thought the blood smelled funny — not like the telltale scent of chemotherapy drugs, but more like ammonia. Welch then passed the syringe to medical resident Julie Gorchynski, who the toxic lady small, manila-colored particles floating in it.

That's when Kane, who'd been leaning over Ramirez to find the source of the smell, fainted. Later, she said her face felt as though it was burning.

Her fellow staff placed her limp body on a gurney and carried it out of the trauma center. Gorchynski felt the lightheadedness next, barely making it out of the room before she fainted as. She also began showing other symptoms: Her whole body began to shake, and she would intermittently stop breathing.

Welch fainted next, and when she woke up, she couldn't control her limbs. Several other staff members at the hospital the toxic lady exhibiting similar the toxic lady, and administrators declared a state of emergency as doctors, nurses, and patients were filed into the building's parking lot.

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A skeleton crew remained behind to tend to Ramirez, who was eventually declared dead at 8: Ramirez died that night. Air Force. In order to handle the toxic lady body, a special team arrived in hazmat suits.

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The team searched the ER for any signs of poison the toxic lady, toxins or other foreign substances. The team then put the body in a sealed aluminum casket.

Mike's Comment of the Week - THE TOXIC LADY -- MYSTERY SOLVED!!

Yet no one could point to a definitive cause shortly after her death. Officials conducted three autopsies.

One occurred six days after her death, then six weeks and right before her burial. A more thorough autopsy happened on March 25, more than the toxic lady month after Gloria Ramirez passed away. That team concluded that there were signs of Tylenol, lidocaine, codeine, and Tigan in the toxic lady. Tigan is an anti-nausea medication, and it breaks down into amines in the body.

More importantly, the toxicology report said that Ramirez had the toxic lady amounts of dimethyl sulfone in her blood and tissues.

Dimethyl sulfone does occur naturally in the human body as it breaks down certain substances. Once yhe item enters the body, it disappears quickly with a half-life of just three days.

Three weeks later, on April 12,county officials announced that Ramirez died of heart failure due to the kidney failure brought on by late-stage cervical cancer. The toxic lady was diagnosed with cancer six weeks before her death.

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The unusual substances in her blood were too low to explain her death, even though there were elevated levels of ammonia and dimethyl sulfone in her body. It took county the toxic lady two months to release the body for a proper funeral because of the toxicity levels and fears that people would faint or pass.

Her sister blamed deplorable conditions at the hospital for the death. After an investigation lasting several months, officials concluded that the hospital staff suffered from too much the toxic lady and suffered from mass sociogenic illness triggered by an odor.

The toxic lady

In other words, it was mass hysteria. The assistant deputy director, Pat Grant, made a startling conclusion. DMSO cream in its somewhat diluted and less-poisonous form.