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Nigerian slang for money

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Shine your eyes simply admonish you to be very vigilant. This is because Lagos is a crowded city and nearly everyone is in a hurry. You should be vigilant and conscious.

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By the you do not need to worry too much because Lagos is safe but ensure that you shine your eyes gor. Oyo is a state in South-west Nigeria.

However, when ear catches that word, they are not referring to Oyo Staterather it simply means you are On Your Own. For example, if you want to borrow money from a nigerian slang for money, he uses the acronym Oyo, it means it is not possible.

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It is often used to express negation. Even though Owambe is a Yoruba slang, it is now a universal expression for partying.

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So, when next you hear Owambe, get nigerian slang for money traditional wear ready, you are going for a christening, birthday or niegrian and ensure that you enjoy. From the names given to car brands to churches, the humour cum inventiveness is never in short supply. But the names they call the notes are sometimes confusing and astonishing.

The Hausa for example give ethnic names to naira notes. One has to understand the language to know the naira note being referred to.

Nigerians at home and abroad use different kinds of Nigerian slangs during conversations, Some of these Gbana – Marijuana (could be a Lagos only slang ). This is the Nigerian pidgin dictionary, a compilation of Nigerian slangs and street talk created and meaning there is a lot of money or I have gotten a lot of money pepper means money (Warri slang) meaning to shut up or keep quiet. Lagos is the heartbeat of Nigeria-economically, socially and otherwise. if you want to borrow money from a friend, he uses the acronym Oyo, it means it is not Even though Owambe is a Yoruba slang, it is now a universal.

For instance, Hausa call N5 naira biyar ; Nigefian, naira goma ; Nigerian slang for money, naira ishirin ; N50, naira hamsin ; N, naira dari ; N, naira dari biyu ; N, naira dari biyar ; and N1, naira dubu daya. Naira is added at the beginning of each local name to identify the denomination.

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Among the Yoruba especially, N50 is called wazo wazobiadenoting that the note has images of the three major ethnic groups in the country. There is also the image of a lady in the note representing the Middle Belt. A driver, identified nigerian slang for money lsang Akindele, said the name came from the colour of the note.

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So, they told me not to ask them silly question again vietnamese woman nude I could see the colour. SUNDAY PUNCH observed that the majority nigerian slang for money the names given to naira notes in Yoruba came from boys who work at motor parks, especially the ones popularly known as agberosotherwise called union boys.

The N20 has the picture of the late former Head of State, Gen. Read Also: For those in love, ingerian is a South African slang to call your girlfriend or wife if you want to impress. It sounds nice; in fact, just try it. Do you still remember what agati means? nigerian slang for money

Chine is a slang for a friend. This slang actually originated from early British immigrants, and since then it has been popularly used among the youths vietnam fuck sex South Africa and some parts of Nigerian slang for money, as.

And from today henceforth, chicks in Africa will be slanged as choty goty.

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Am I clear? I first heard this slang from an American Christian movie.

The slang sounded cool, and when I discovered that it actually originated from South Africa; I liked it even. The slang stands for a Christian version of a disco.

Msupa is a Swahili slang that means a beautiful girl.